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Why Rashtriya Military Schools

The Rashtriya Military Schools hold a significant place in the history of India as institutions that have produced numerous brave and dedicated officers for the Indian Armed Forces.

The origin of Rashtriya Military Schools can be traced back to the establishment of King George’s Royal Indian Military Schools in 1911. The schools were started with the primary objective of providing education to the sons of military personnel.

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Entrance Exam Preparation

We are top choice of students for Rashtriya Military School entrance exam preparation & Coaching Classes. Since 2016, we have greatest number of selections in RMS common entrance exam.

Online Live Classes

Prepare with experienced faculty from the comfort of your home for the RMS entrance exam.

Study Material

Well Researched and selectively crafted books to help you ace your exam.

Mock Test Series

Mock tests that will make you comfortable for your final exam.

Previous Year Exam Papers

For Both class 6 & class 9 entries to help you succeed in your exam.

Success Stories

Interact with our past students who have successfully secured a seat in RMS Exam.

Offline + Hostel Facility

Available in Delhi & Gurgaon. Prepare in guidance of senior retired army officers.

The aim of Rashtriya Military Schools is “to impart quality education and prepare the cadets to join the Defence Services”.

List of Rashtriya Military Schools

Rashtriya Military School Eligibility 2024

Eligibility for Rashtriya Military School entrance exam

Class 6 Entry: 01 April 2011 – 31 March 2013 (Both Boys & Girls)

Eligibility for Rashtriya Military School entrance exam

Class 9 Entry: 01 April 2009 – 31 March 2011 ( Boys Only)
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Rashtriya Military School Online Coaching 2024

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